Statement from the band regarding the '100 club live dvd '

"Some of you may of seen this Dvd for sale on various website's throughout the u.k & Europe, on Amazon, etc . Filmed way back in early 2006, we'd strongly recommend not wasting your money on this film! The gig was a catalogue of nightmares from beginning to end, & had the concert not 'sold-out' & a film crew arranged, we would of cancelled the show beforehand.
The reasons being, the bands original guitarist had quit straight after our 1st USA tour unable to deal with the pressures of touring & just days before this gig was due leaving us high & dry without a guitarist, & the replacement guitarist (Steve Bones) although confident, didn't get a chance to rehearse with us prior to the concert.

But the main problem rests in the lap of our then frontman, 'Johnny Forgotten', who at the time was full of cold & flu-like symptoms & had lost his voice, he'd thought getting a few stiff brandy shots down him before going on stage (which was becoming increasingly regular) would help - unsuprisingly - it didn't. Needless to say - soon after this show in 2006 the Sex Pistols Experience decided perhaps it was best to let Mr Forgotten retire, & replaced him with our new younger version, 'Johnny Rotter'.

On top of all this, the audio sound captured live through the mixing desk is not good, there are other problems too, but we're sure the above is reason enough to convince you its crap!!?
We (the band) had no control over the output or production of this film, we were just paid a fee for allowing the company to film us , so we took their money & their cheque bounced! So its felt that this product doesn't represent the band in any positive way at all, & we advise you to please not waste your money on this film. There is a far better dvds available on our 'webstore', & another 'new' live concert coming out soon. We have requested the product be withdrawn from sale worldwide.
Thanks, & appologies to those who have already bought it!! If you want to see the band live do not watch this shit, we'd advise coming to a gig instead! (If you bring along the Dvd we'll let you in for free & afterwards we'll help you burn it!!)"
The 'Sex pistols Experience'