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If you think that punk music should be like a McDonalds burger, ie:- utterly predictable and the same every time then your view differs from Tenpole's!   "The sprit of punk has always been there - it's something to do with rebellion, e.g. Jerry Lee Lewis or Keith Richards, just happens that in 1976 they named this spirit 'Punk'.! " say's Ed.   Tenpole was glad to find out what he was at last, for he'd been playing guitar and trying to write great songs in that spirit since he was a boy, long before 1976 came along.   "Punk is an attitude not a form of music, ask Steve Jones!!? Says Tenpole. " I date back to the birth of punk rock when it was all about being original, create your own look, and before the time when it became a competition to see which band could sound the most similar to another! I've always rebelled against uniformity. If it is just a simple formula then it is not subversive, and if there is no subversion, ladies & gentlemen, it ain't Punk!!"   "At the moment Im trying to see how much excitement can be generated with a man, a guitar, & an audiences. If you have to label what I play, call it Rock'n'Roll. Ever onward my fellow being's! Avoid stagnation: whatever else it is, Punk is surely anti-stagnation!?"   "By the way, all your view's on what punk represents are as true & valid as mine, however different, we all think our opinion is the right one, but who can judge?? Come and see me play, Im getting good now, but ultimately, it's down to YOU how good the gig is!!?"   Love to you all, the spirit will never die. - Edward Tudor Pole. 24/10/05

  RADA Trained Edward Tudor Pole briefly joined the Sex Pistols in 1978 after the departure of 'Johnny (Rotten) Lydon', surviving with the band for four or five rehearsals in the Pistols den & practice room on Denmark St, but in the short association he had with the band still managed to help produce some memorable moments, most notably his performance in the film 'The Great Rock & Roll Swindle', adding his own distinctive vocals on the title track, as well as the crazy 'Who Killed Bambi', & beefed up version of Bill Haleys 'Rock Around The Clock' . Then Sid Vicious moved to New York, leaving Ed to move on to front his own band 'Tenpole Tudor, with whom he had U.K chart hits with 'Wunderbar', Throwing my baby out with the bathwater, & 'Swords of a thousand men'.   These day's he's probably best known for his appearances on Ch4's 'The Crystal Maze', & 'Tops of the pop's'!  Ed has appeared in numerous films & plays, including the 'Rocky Horror Show', 'White Hunter Black Heart' with Clint Eastwood and more recently as Mr Borgin in 'Harry potter 2', and the life & death of Peter Sellers, in which he played the part of Spike Milligan.   His recent re-awakening to the live music scene has seen some classic performances, especially alongside the 'Sex Pistols Experience' tribute show, and his 'one-man acoustic show' has to be seen to be believed. Ageing punks & new fans attracted by his T.V & film roles are treated to a mix of punk, country, and pure rock 'n' roll. Each of his catchy tunes pays tribute to a variety of stars. His new material blending in with the classic punk anthems & his 80's chart singles.   Some people were just born to be on stage, Ed has boundless energy, and leads any audience into a charismatic, witty, madcap & fun-filled performance, captivating the attention of all those lucky enough to catch him live. But this is a new age Ed Tenpole, not wanting to be seen living on memories, a new album is being worked on, and he can be seen on club circuit with his solo show, or on the larger venue's warming up the crowd for the Sex Pistols Experience.    

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In the Summer of 2009 Ed Tudor-Pole announced the arrival of his new album, his long awaited (25yrs!) 3rd TEN POLE TUDOR release called 'Made it this far' on 'Angel Air records' the album is available on their website:- http://www.angelair.co.uk/ .
'Made It This Far' is the group’s first album since 1981 and is an eclectic mix of styles from rockabilly to rock’n’roll. Ed is currently touring UK with his 'Save England From It’s Fate Tour' - an electronic one man stadium show, for all the latest live dates check-out his myspace page.

  • Track listing:-
    1. Made It This Far 2. One For The Master 3. Football Rockabilly
    4. Pete’s Mercedes 5. Mohican 6. Yippie Yi Yay
    7. The Occasion 8. Real Fun 9. Such Desire
    10. All My Heart 11. St Louis Blues 12. I Laid Her Down
    13. Football Yobbo 14. Last Orders 15. To Her Majesty 16. Shutup Tracey

    Available from all good record stores,
    or follow this link to Ed's Angel Air page:- www.angelair.co.uk/sjpcd309.htm
  • Swords of a Thousand Men



Throwing my baby out with the bathwater 



Tenpole Tudor - Best Of CD

Our good friend 'Ed Tudor-Pole', who was expected to replace Rotten to front the Sex Pistols in the summer of 1978, managing only 3 or 4 rehearsals before Sid took off to New York, & then went on to form early 80's chart topping band 'Tenpole Tudor', has a new digitally re-mastered 'best of' double c.d out in the shop's now.  According to the c.d cover note's:-  

" Tenpole Tudor emerged in the post-punk era, but the good-humored, drunken-party feel of their records had more in common with the U.K. Pub-rock sound that predated punk. This collection puts their first two albums for Stiff Records together in one place, as the band combines a raffish punk sensibility with rockabilly roots and a tart tongue planted firmly in their collective cheek.!"

  • Three Bells In A Row
  • Fashion
  • Rock 'N' Roll Music
  • Swords Of A Thousand Men
  • Love And Food
  • Wunderbar (Hit Single Version)
  • Tenpole 45
  • Throwing My Baby Out With The Bath Water
  • Conga Tribe
  • Let The Four Winds Blow
  • Sea Of Thunder
  • Tied Up With Lou Cool
  • Cry Baby Cry
  • The Hayrick Song
  • Take You To The Dance
  • There Are The Boys (Son Of Stiff Version)
  • Wunderbar (Original Album Version)
  • The Hayrick Song (12' Version)

Available from all good record stores, or on-line sellers such as Amazon or Play.com etc. : -

or available to download here:- www.mediafire.com