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Punk icon Sid Vicious was inseparable from the love of his life 'Nancy', the pair were a huge influence for Punk Rock fashion, the 'look' of Sid wouldn't be complete without his trademark 'R' Rabbit padlock & chain, and Nancy was seldom seen without her trademark Pistol Necklace given to her as a gift from Sid prior to his departure onto the ill fated january 1978 USA tour. These are a near on impossible item to find these days.  
We first tried to locate one for a T.V programme we made a while back, searching high & low, in shops & on the Internet all over the world, couldn't find one. We sent of the boys over to China with some photos of Nancy's own & was fortunate enough - after extensive searching - to find the very same factory that pressed these Die-cast pistol gun's in the early 70's to export around the world.  The company had stopped producing them due to the new laws & European union regulations on having small parts on what was in fact a child's toy  gun.

 The company still had the same die-cast mould in their factory & I had a batch made-up & brought them back to England. As the pistols are now sold as a fashion accessory to adults, & its not being marketed & sold to children as a toy, it now by-passes the regulations.

 The first batch sold out in a flash, many people have been Emailing & waiting to get hold of one of these, & after a little over a year making the arrangements again we've finally got a few more of this rare Nancy Pistol Necklace in stock now. Comes on 20" (approx) ball chain with fastener - the chain can easily be cut down to suit your size as required.

Price is inclusive of all European P&P costs - If you live Australia, U.S.A, Brazil, Asia, Africa, Russia etc (Worldwide) add an extra 3.00 to your paypal payment. Thanks  
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