NEWS....HEADLINES: 'JOHNNY say's hello!', 'GLEN say's Cheeky buggers', 'DAVE GOODMAN and the missing lost track??'


    Firstly... On the Journey from Newcastle to Stoke on sun 21st Nov, we finally got word from 'Mr JOHNNY (Rotten) LYDON' on the mobile to 'wish us luck', & " A  Big thumbs up lad's... May the road rise!"  (a quote from P.I.L's song 'RISE',...and we intend to!), cheers John ...and YES we have been watching you on Sky's discovery channel!  Nice to be recognized for all the hard work we put in!



     Speaking of Sky...., 'Blood on the Turntables'' has been getting regular repeatís of late, we took part in the filming earlier in 2004 on location around London, you can catch glimpses of us all in there, Our 'John' singing down the shower head, 'Clones'y' stealing the amp & guitar, A dead 'Nancy Spunkedon' under the sink and also leaping out of the back of our gig van!, Paul crook flashing in on drums and is also the marine guy beating 'Kid Vicious' up!  watch closely!! It's all us honest!!  We got word from the BBC that it's now going to be showing the programme soon to a much wider audience on BBC2 soon. We will have some publicity photo's, taken during the filming, sent to us sometime after the bbc2 airing, they'll be up on the gallery as soon as.



"Nice to be asked but Iím busy, ya Cheeky Buggers!" is what 'GLEN MATLOCK' had to say when we asked him if he fancied standing in on Bass earlier this month! If he hadnít of been on tour in Ireland we're sure he'd of come aboard for the ride.?? Never mind, we're ready when you are Glen!??   Go out and buy Glen (& the Philistines) new album "On Something" It's good stuff, pure glen on form. Get an Autographed copy if you visit the 'God save the sex pistols' link on this site (sexpistols.net), go to the news page on that site. And BUY ONE! 



 Speaking also of 'ex Sex Pistols' ...original soundman, studio engineer, and bloke with many an interesting tale...'DAVE GOODMAN' also got in touch with us this week, requesting our C.D for a listen to, so we sent him it off, along with a box full of goodies to feast his ears and eye's on, (in exchange for a box of goodies back!)  so if your on your holidays in Malta sometime and you see an old(ish) fella with one of our tour T-shirts on, say 'Hi', ...it'll be Dave Goodman!

       Visit his website (after here) it's a fascinating read! We've put a 'LINK' up from our link page.

     One other thing we found out through Dave, is the only track the Pistols played, but NEVER recorded!!?? We begin rehearsals on it next week, the only way to find out what it was is to COME TO ONE OF OUR SHOWS...and LISTEN!!  C.D's to correct answers in an email by xmas!!!???  no, it's not 'flowers', or 'thru my eyes'!



 (John, if your reading, Dave would really like to speak to you, he has some news and you would really appreciate what he's got to tell you, he can't get past your lawyers!? I/we can pass on a message if you like?)


Tickets are SELLING OUT fast for both PETER KAY'S 'PHEONIX NIGHTS CLUB' in Bolton on Sat 4th dec, & Sheffield Boardwalk (formally the 'Black Swan') on MONDAY 20th Dec, get your tickets in advance to avoid being stood out in the cold!! There's A LINK for Phoenix Club tks on our GIG page.



Stoke seems to be catching on to The Sex Pistols Experience, we struggled a little with Mick's new P.A, he hadnít had time to read the instruction book before we'd arrived!? We'd got it sorted by the second set! Cheers to 'Tosh' of 'Section 5', and all who'd travelled to see us again. (Get A bigger pub Mick, or knock some walls down!?) We're back in the new year.



 Newcastle was packed out again, sorry to everyone who stood out in the cold waiting for so long, only to be stood inside sweating your arses off (as we we're too! :) for two hours!  Contrary to popular belief,  it wasnít our 'last gig' !!? We thought it might be the last one at The Three Tunns as its getting just too small for us now, however we have been persuaded to return twice more in 2005, and we'll be looking forward to that, dates will be announced on 'Gigís' page soon. 



  Sorry to everyone who turned out to see us at Plymouth Academy, the cancellation is the FIRST we've ever had to do out of the hundreds of gig's we've done, it really was unavoidable and beyond our control, we tried everything to keep it on, but it just wasnít to be. We will get back down to you all soon we promise!!



  Bristol we did on 12th November, and it's with a HUGE 'Thanks' to Reg' of 'clash trib 'London Calling'  that we we're able to do it, standing in on bass duties at the last minute, and a fantastic job he done, 'Joe Strummer' made a great 'Glen Padlock' for us!! ..We shall be working with 'London calling' again soon. And coming back to do Bristol again. Cheers Reg!!!



-SID WANTED>>>yes we're on the lookout again, Craig (our Sid) has been signed up by a chart topping band and leaves us in Jan 05, so auditions are open now until December when we'll notify the successful candidate, if your interested send in a photo and biog, cover letter via email and we'll do the rest. Gotta be a dream job for someone out there, but be warned, we like beer and you'll have to fight off the groupies!! plus we do a fair bit of travelling and you'll need a full u.k passport.



-We're having a couple of weeks holiday break now, back in another old Pistols Haunt on Friday 5th Nov at Cleethorpes winter Gardens, followed by a long awaited return to HULL the night after. We've not played Hull since we came 2nd place in the 'Battle-of-the-tribute bands' there some 2-3years ago (2nd to a Shania Twain trib..she did have a nice arse though eh lads on the jury!!!!) So look out Hull on Saturday 6th Nov @ Springfield club Anlaby.



-Cheers to all who came along to Johnny's 40th birthday party, big thanks to support bands 'The Trailors' & 'Soma' for coming all that way just to support us, you we're both great and everyone was very positive in response after seeing you, keep it up!  We, unfortunately ended up having a little toooo much birthday juice whilst the supports were on.. staggered on stage and did what we do in a sort of ramshackle way but had fun none the less! Happy 40th Johnny!!  Big Thanks to 'Steve & Babs' for putting us up...first class accommodation with a terrific breakfast to boot...any bands playing the Donny area let us know and we'll send you directions!! (He-He!")



-BELFAST WAS A GAS..!!   Due to some poxy tribute band cancelling we brought our February date in Belfast forward, jumped on a plane from Leeds, an got whisked through the streets of Belfast to 'fly the flag' again for our second visit to the emerald isle.



-We had loads of emails from people asking us when we were coming back to Ireland and we tried let as many know of our 'flying' visit in the short notice we had, sorry again to those who missed us, and thanks to everyone who'd travelled long distances into Belfast that night, some from Derry (back there nov 18th) Dublin (working on it) and a couple from way down in Cork!!! A great venue and well run, we had a belting sound and sound man and gave it our all, hope you all enjoyed the show.. We will be back at the Empire in February hopefully, along with a couple more dates in Ireland.



-Then came Scotland!!! ...fan-fook-in-tastic!!  Aberdeen was a sell out and there was much anticipation brewing before the band came on, the stage in total darkness as the intro faded onto the opening chords of 'Wanna be me', lights on..off we go!!. blasting through the set.. security had their hands full with stage divers, and all sorts of mayhem going on... beers thrown (in plastic pints) towards 'Kid Vicious' who tried head butting them away, until he got one full in the face which pissed him off no end.. slam down the Bass guitar, "who the fuck was that??" ready to leap off the stage a kill someone, "was me!" said a sweet young voice of a pretty 19yr old student with the face of an angel..!  She did look alot like 'Regan' outta the Exorcist movie though!  the band had a great fun time on stage an totally enjoyed the gig, dripping wet with sweat, downed a few more beers before retiring to the hotel.



-(day 2).. On to falkirk, thanks to 'Ian', and 'Clubby of the Rabid Dogs' for all your help (and vodka) during the evening.  Didnít expect much from such a small town, but we got a good reception and very positive response from the Pistols fans that night.. followed by a 'Rabid dogs' party afterwards! We didnít make it to breakfast in the hotel next day!



-(day 3)... Glasgow.. What a great venue the 'Ferry' is, thanks to 'The Straw Dogs' and 'Barefoot' for a great support.. can we have our Johns 'Destroy' cheesecloth back?? (some fucker nicked it.. and some other bits an pieces too) we we're looking forward to Glasgow big time.. and we werenít disappointed! a truly great city to have a look around and to play gigs in!



-Thanks to all the staff at the Ferry (The Truckwatchers) and so cool of porn star 'Ron Jeramy' to help us with the sound..we took some photos of him with us but they did'nt turn out unfortunatly. Cheers for all the beers too...we we're well wankered!!


Back again in the new year, indeed plans are going on for our return in February to Scotland



-Well Newcastle's turning out to be one of our strongholds,  Trillion's (after the footy finnished) had a real 70's kind of feel to it.. most of the crowd just stood there with their jaw's on the floor wondering "what the hell was this?" down their local boozer!?? whilst the rest of them got on with some good'ol dancing about down the front! a good night was had by all we think?? We're back there early in the new year. Many thanks to 'Marion' for her help & guidance in the north east, you make it all much easier for us, thanks!



   The next night in South Shields was pretty much the same, a few old timers sweating their arses off down the front singing along to all the words, we thought we played really well that night (not that we don't always!?) and as much was said afterwards by the many adoring punters later, and the guy there who used to be in a pistols tribute some years ago, who thought "we done a great job", thanks to all who came along.



-The 'Blackies' up Gosforth was a great night, (thanks to Louise' for getting in-touch and putting us on, and looking after us the whole time) The venue sold-out and was packed, hot an sweaty..just the way we like it! A well placed pool table provided just the right platform for 'Kid & Johnny' to pose around on so the folks at the back could see what was going on! ...A fuller review can be seen a B.B.C newcastle reporter who came along to do an interview and review of the gig (she ended up pissed and pogoing..and got quite 'familliar' with Mr Forgotten!!?..good stuff that vodka!) have a look on: http://www.bbc.co.uk/tyne/entertainment/index.shtml But come back here after!!!



  A massive thanks to ROB SULLIVAN for doing some cracking live shots of us on our last visit up there, (see our 'PHOTOS' gallery) any bands out there that want some quality shots of gigs in the Newcastle areas e-mail us and we'll give you his number.



-a great night in Barnsley, a good crowd and we'll be back soon! Check the gig page. Thanks to Mr & Mrs Morris for putting us up, sorry about the Carpet!! Rotchdale was a wierd one, but no less enjoyable, but whats with those neandethal Gorrillas down the front acting like pissed -up football hooligans??? some strange blokes in the  Haywood civic centre that night!! turned out to be a good night after they'ed been booted out by the doormen, well done lads, we don't welcome that level of idiocy at our shows.



-Leeds is finally catching on too, coming back to The New rosco Jan 30th 05'. it's been a up hill struggle there sometimes, but one of Leeds's best kept secrets seems to be getting found out!!!? Leeds has alot to thank John Keenan for!!!



-Watch SKY B.B.C 3 on Monday 13th september, had the nudge/ wink from our contact at the B.B.C that our documentary we did in London during March is to get it's first airing that day. The bit we saw in the editing room looked really good, a cracking interview with John Lydon, Malcom and glen matlock, Johnny's seen it first and given it all his seal of approval so that'll do for us!!  You'll see us playing the part of the Pistols during press interviews, in concert, and various reconstructions, and the Chelsea hotel murder scene with our Nancy looking scarily real!!! we'll add some stills shots to the photo gallery as soon as the beeb realese the footage to us in a couple of weeks. If you don't have Sky telly don't worry, it's coming to B.B.C 1 or 2 at a later date this year. There's huge press intrest at this latest documentary and we're sure the critics will be giving it good reviews, we'll see!! 



-Look-out doncaster it's your turn this sat 4th sept....we're coming back again to the hallcross...



-Northern Ireland looks like it may well happen in November, as soon as one more gig is confirmed it'll be on! And we're definatly doing Belfast Empire in febuary along with dublin again. Plans are finaly afoot for some European dates in the New year... let you all know more real soon. that's it  for now...off to see the ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE now in South Shields Breeze Bar. (cheers again Marion!) 



-a long awaited return to the snooty fox in wakefield happens fri 6th august, followed by a new venue for us in mansfield at the 'Mill', 7/8/04. with the debut of our new 'kid Vicious', since Craig (the last 'Kid') unfortunatly had to hang up his guitar due to the arrival of his new baby girl a couple of months ago. He found life on the road too demanding with the added pressures at home and we wish him all the luck in the world, he's a good mate and will most probably be helping us out with a couple of gigs in the near future, but can also be seen with his own band 'HEADWOUND' on johnny forgottens 40th birthday bash in Doncaster on Oct 1st. Cheers Craig...and good luck!



-Thanks also to 'Mark' who did a stirling job for us in Sheffield 24/7/4 as 'Kid', as everyone in the Boardwalk will testify it was a great night and no-one would ever guess that he'd only done one rehearsal with the band prior to the gig!! will get him back to help out if needs be, Good was'nt he!!!?  The sheffield Boardwalk (formally knowen as 'The Black Swan') was also another old Pistols Haunt that we have now played in our quest to gig as many of the origional venues that still exsist on our travels around the u.k.....watch out Cromer and Runton!!!!



   -sorry to all our 'Fans over the water in Ireland this weekend, we had to cancell the trip due to the best paying gig in dublin closing down for a major refurbishment, which meant that the trip would no longer be viable. We are working on plans to come back over and 'Do' Ireland early in the new year to include Dublin, belfast, and Derry + any other towns that'll have us!? So if you know of any likely venues in Ireland that would suit please e-mail and we will chase them up!



  - We're also working on going back "darn sarf" soon to Essex taking in Southend, Ilford Colchester and Chelmsford! Yes Chelmsford, but not the prison this time!

dates on gig list as soon as anything is confirmed.



-Becon Court in Gillingham, 17/7/04. They we're a bit slow on the uptake to begin with, but by the second half the place was in uproar as we blasted through the classics, Simon (the landlord) was down front doing a grand job trying to keep the crowd back off the stage, pints flying about everyone dancing around, it was great fun, as we encraged the audiance to come up, simons stuck in the middle!!..He-He..



-Birmingham, Another great night...from the home town of G.B.H. we expected a good crowd, and we got it..we'll come back to Brum as soon as we can.



-Friday 18th June, we played our first SCOOTER RALLY!!   Two and a half tousand people going  for it in the hills of DERBYSHIRE at the 'RUN TO THE SHIRES' rally. probably our largest crowd to date we think(?) and a terriffic night for us and the crowd too by the looks of it. Everyone was very posative and complimentary after the show, and said it was a breath of fresh air after years of the same old boring bands doing the same old boring songs, how many times would you want to listen to some poxy covers band doing Paul Weller songs or Who songs??? Bollocks to that...inject a little anarchy into the party and we'll liven things up for you!!!  We've been promised more rallies for next year, and indeed are already booked for some, so hopefully this will become a regular thing for us.



-12th June was London for the Queens Birthday celebrations on board 'the Queen Elizabeth' pleasure boat, the self same vessel used by the band in 1977 to promote the single 'GOD SAVE THE QUEEN', we sailed in the afternoon west past all the sights on a glorious sunny day, belting out the songs between trips to the bar! RICHARD BRANSON was spotted cruising alongside in his new toy the 'Car-boat' thing that he sailed the channel in, trying to catch us up to relive the memories he has of '77' i expect, we told yhe captain to ''put your foot down and loose him''...which we promptly did!  Then up came the vocalist out of 'THE BUSINESS' (sorry, his name escapes me at the moment??) to do the honours on 'BODIES' for us, that livened things up a little before cruising home to the sounds of 'ANARCHY' past parliment and finnishing off with the Pistols memorabillia raffle. Off to the pub to meet up with Mr ALAN PARKER, STEVE DIGGLE (of the BUZZCOCKS) RAY MORRISEY (of God save the sex pistols web-site) and assorted friends for a cup of tea or two before the evening cruise. A full review can be seen elsewhere on this site, needless to say it all ended up in a true pistols style finale, with the river police pulling the plug and putting and end to what had been a fantastic day....thanks for all for coming, we'll try do it again next year for sure.



-a home town gig in Bridlington comes next week at the Stirling Castle 14/5/4 cheers to all those who travelled all the way from doncaster to see us again. Followed by a welcome return to the Scunthorpe Crosby the week after, gig's there get better and better, cheers for everything Ian!!



-Cheers also to all who turned out to 'The Cavern Club' Liverpool, 22/4/4,  sorry the supporting act Ramones tribute did'nt show, the guitarist was taken into hospital for a long awaited opperation the week before. We did'nt leave before signing up to lifelong membership of the club!! also good to see the boys of THE MERSEY BEATLES' doing a great job, doing what they do best down the Cavern Club, Paul Crook visited his old Ludwig Ringo drum kit which he sold to the band a couple of weeks before, the same kit he learned all the Pistols songs on when he was a nipper!  ..... Back soon Liverpool.



-April we had our first journey further north to GATESHEAD at the Thee Tunns. We got a great welcome up there and will be back real soon. South Shields the next night was the same, after 7 other bands giving an impressive display of some fine hard-core punk music, the crowd were ready for a little 'light relief' from us, there was a major air of annticipation as we walked on ready to go... by the third song 'Lazy Sod' they were going nuts leaping around falling over themselves as usual, by the end everyone looked thoroughly knackered, sweaty after having a great time to the Pistols Experience, so there was only about 8 people left when 'The LURKERS' came on!! Price you pay for having us as the 'support' band!!!


-   End of March saw us down London for the filming of The B.B.C T.V documentary 'BLOOD ON THE TURNTABLES-THE SEX PISTOLS', we spent the first day out on the town. The following morning, nursing sore heads, we were in the bbc studios re-creating pistols moments like the Buckingham palace A&M signing, 'Sid' being attacked on tour in the u.s, press interviews, the notorious 'Nancy murder', (that looked tooo real!) and so on. The day after was location filming on the streets of london. How much of us you'll see in the finnished product is debatable as we we're filmed in such a way as to look like the 'real' band as poosible, so you'll most likely need a keen eye to realize that it's not the Sex Pistols...but 'The sex pistols experience'!!!    Also, john lydon was booked for an hour interview, and  ended up giving almost THREE HOURS!! Same with Malcom McLaren waffling and pontificating on for almost Four hrs!! Glen Matlock was on too, and was very open during his interview, it all looks really good from the little snippet we saw in the editing suite at the beeb, watchout on SKY B.B.C 3 in the autumn sometime, then B.B.C 1 or 2 at a later date. As soon as we know an 'airing' time/date we'll announce it HERE on the NEWS page.



-'Moses Gate' ....say no more.... a tried and tested venue with a great northern welcome from all. We got so drunk aftrward we don't recall it. last momories was of 'Paul Crook' projectile vomiting over the balcony out back... JACK DANIELS STRIKES AGAIN! ...we're back in December for the Pheonix club do. Cheers vic of the love battery.



-Turned down an oppertunity to appear on the 'RICHARD AND JUDY SHOW'... for obvious reasons.



-Whitby turned out to in force see to see the show at the end of Feb for another sweaty night of 'live Bollocks' with the usual complaints from the neighbours about the pistols powerful P.A, keeping them awake on a winters night! never mind...we're back in June!



-Thirsk athletic Club was again a great night, with a good turn out, with fans travelling from far-and-wide to come see us, thanks to you all. We're hoping to come back, but as usual with this kind of venue the 'committe' can't offer us much more than peanuts to come back, so we're not sure yet. need more 'fithy lucre!!'

our first trip to Wales happened 18/2/4 with a good ol' knees up in Canarvon, and as usual we were invited back later this year. Cheers to ''Big- jim-Royal' at 'ty-happus' for putting us up.



-Sunday 8th Feb saw us back on T.V again live on Ch4's 'THE SALON'.  We were phoned by ch4 and asked to come on the programme a few days before, with promises of champagne and lunch, so we reluctantly went!  We all spent the morning getting a few pints in us up in Camden, leapt in a taxi to the studio's and staggered on in. Johnny did'nt want to be there and made that quite plain, but soon quietened down when they offered to do his hair in a proper shade of Ginger! Paul Crook went for the all over body massage to relive the aching joints from the gig the night before, whilst 'kid and Nancy' jumped into the sauna an jaccuzi, it was all a bit to much for channel four as the obsenities flew around mainly in the direction of the little gay fella who was running around flapping about, johnny let rip on some innocent 'Fat whales' who were lounging about minding their own businness, and generally, as the afternoons booze kicked in it all became a bit boring to us so we livened it up in our own way....(viewers know what we mean!) we're on all afternoon but could'nt be arsed with it all really! all we wanted was the champers...which never arrived...bollocks to em!  Nancy Spunkedon looked great tho' lounging about...that should of kept the viewer ratings up there if nothing else!!? 



-the b.b.c tv crews were there in febuary for the Leicester Charlotte, and Leeds gig to film us play 'C.J's' music bar, a packed hot show, with us playing to our old mates up in leeds again, a triumphant night all captured on D.V.D. somewhere!?? get in touch if you'd like a copy, we have a few copies knocking about for a tenner a go. we're back up leeds during the course of this year at our usual haunt The New Rosco, check the gig guide.



-2004 started off with a bang at the spiders web Grimsby, a packed house with people Queing out the door and down the road to get in!!! it was a hot sweaty night, just the way we like it! we won over the crowd and are working on getting back to north east lincs just as soon as we can, so come on 'SOLID ENTERTAINMENTS' pull your finger out and get it sorted!! ....a big CHEERS to the people of Grimsby! see you soon.