23rd May 2005

The Sex Pistols Experience was invited down to Londonís Raymond Revue Bar to attend Sony/BMG's exclusive, invite only, screening of the 'Great Rock & Roll Swindle'. The band caused quite a fuss on arrival amongst the waiting press, who snapped away at them in their stage clothes, looking very much the part of the Pistols, along with Kid Vicious & Nancy Spunked'on.  Various celeb's posed with the boy's for pictures before the introduction from TVís film reviewer, Pistols fan, host & D.J for the evening 'Gary Crowley', then it was lights out, complimentary hot-dogs, popcorn & beers in hand as we all settled back in the plush surroundings of one of Londonís top Strip joints & Gay night clubs to watch the film on the big screen with Dolby surround sound!  It was the first time we'd seen it on a big screen, & a very enjoyable experience it was too, also interesting to see the reactions/laughter from the many young Sony exec's, corporate people, & magazine reviewer's too young to have of ever seen it before!?   There was no 'extra' footage though, which was a bit disappointing, baring in mind you can buy it on Ebay with extra unseen clips, like the full unedited part of 'Sting' & his pal's, doing what Sting allegedly does best with an unwilling Paul Cook, and the extra bit of Sid's My Way etc. 


We all hung around a while afterwards, chatting about the 'old' days with Alan Parker (Pistols/Sid author), Ray Morrissey (gig-a-holic & http://www.sex-pistols.net/) Steve Diggle (Buzzcocks)  Nick Reynolds (Great train robber Bruce's boy) & Rodent (Sid mate & Clash roadie) to name a few, then it was time to nick the promotional Swindle posters off the walls before heading out into the Soho streets, lost & pissed.    Release date on DVD was for may 30th, but is now June 6th, with no doubt a further release later in the year with all the extra footage in!? 


On an extra note, More great news for Pistols/Sid fan's......... Alan Parkers last book on Sid; 'Too Fast To live' is to be made into a documentary for worldwide distribution by Channel 4, telling the story of Sid's life & untimely death, along with the new evidence surrounding Nancy's murder.  The Sex Pistols Experience will be standing in, filming where footage of the Sex Pistols are needed, and the role of 'Sid & Nancy' will be played by none other than our own 'Kid vicious & Nancy Spunked'on'!  Filming on location in London & New York begins in July. Will tell you more as we get it.??


Also on the subject of T.V., B.B.C. Belfast called us up to talk about possible plans for a programme focusing on the 'Tribute band phenomena' around the U.K at the moment, obviously as the Sex Pistols Experience are now regarded as one of the best professional tributes of the many hundreds out there, they came to us wanting to focus on the band as ordinary people, doing the day-jobs, home life etc, then the difference between that and the on-stage personas, and characters of the Sex Pistols portrayed on stage.  After talking to the band for the best part of an hour the producer commented: -

      "I think there's enough material on you guy's alone to fill up an hours documentary!"  .... Filming is planned for later this year.


We got a letter from Ed Tenpole Tudor the other day, he sent us his latest recordings to have a listen to & learn, done in (The Who's) Pete Townsendís studio, some fun songs and good to hear Tadpole back in the studio again, the S.P.Exp are looking forward to performing them with Ed' in June at Gillingham & the Boat trip. There should be more U.K dates with Ed & the S.P.Exp ready to announce soon!!?


Plans are underway, and accepting bookings for the 'Sex Pistols Experience' first, (& hopefully not last!) tour to the U.S.A!  A string of dates are being worked on for a Californian tour in October, with the possibility of stopping off in New York/Boston on the way for a handful of gigs on the East Coast too. In the planning stages at the moment, will keep you all informed as soon as anything is confirmed up.  The band are also concentrating on doing some more European dates, with plans afoot for Germany, Holland & Italy possibly later this year.