I'm a Mess'
We get a few emails asking about Sid's badges on his jacket -"where can I get one" etc, & so we recently did a bit of research into the 'I'm a mess 'one...
The 'I'm a mess' badge that you've all been looking for, & up to now proving impossible to find -(other than the smaller cheap button badge copies) is so hard to find because it's not an 'off the shelf' product that you'd find in your high street gift shops. The original badge has a story behind it. As always I've done some research & unearthed few little known facts, & bit of info' for all you Sid nerds out there..

In 1975 a little known & struggling band from the Isle of Wight called 'Stormtrooper' cut a demo tape in September 1975, then after having their songs rejected by one record company after another, and the band also being "Financially Destitute", desertion set in. The groups heroic appearance as the 'top-billing act' at Bath Pavilion on October 1st, 1975 was to be their last live appearance. By Christmas 1975 Stormtrooper ceased to exist. Two years later a self financed record had been cut from their original demo tape. The track I'm A Mess was conceived in 1973 & finally found its way onto vinyl 2yrs after the band split. It was a bit raunchy, but it was an archetypical punk, or post-punk song. The record sold around 3,000 copies, most of which were sold in & around London in 1977. The badge declaring 'I'm A Mess' was given away as a promotion free with each single sold. The lyrics of the song fitted perfectly with the Punk spirit & attitude of the soon to be Punk-Rock icon Sid Vicious, & so little wonder he proudly wore the badge declaring 'I'm a Mess'. The badge only became well known when Sid wore his on the lapel of his leather jacket during the Sex Pistols ill fated 1978 American tour. Although the song was well ahead of its time in 75, it is still as relevant today as it was all those years ago.! Read the lyrics below & you'll see, Sid could've written every line himself..!


I'm A Mess
I always go out drinking
On a Friday night
After a week of coming down
I'm bustin' for a fight
My brother gives me pills
And me mother gives me ice
'cause every Saturday morning
My head don't feel so nice
I'm a mess
But don't tell me
I'll beat you
Don't need no friends see
My doctor says I'm down
And I need a two week rest
So I take it down in Soho
'Cause I fight down there best
And the man from down the "dilly"
Sells me bombers and hash
And I'm always found in Wardour Street,
Where the junkies all crash
Three o'clock on Friday night
A copper comes along
And after kicking me around
I started to run
But the law was all around me
So I just hit out
Now they've thrown me in the nick
Where I can scream and loon about
Your a dirty mess
I'm a dirty mess

We had some I'm a mess' badges made up as a result of our investigations & you can order your's now directly from our store page here  'Link'