"Didn't we have lovely time the day they came to England.!?"   ...according to the message boards It seem's you all had a good time at the recent pistols show's in London, Glasgow & Manchester, we certainly did!  Having caught two of the Brixton gigs, and played two after-show parties it was a great week for us, & good to catch-up with so many familiar faces all in one place.!    We had a good natter & catch-up with as many friends & fans as possible both at the Pistols gigs & the after-show's. We also managed to catch a few words with Jones'y after one of the gigs, & Bones'y met-up with Glen, sharing a cuppa in the week before it all started.   November also saw us making good use of the A.A membership, with us travelling up & down the length of the country several times again, with gigs up in the north, down to London, over to Falmouth, & up to Wales etc, zig-zagging around as usual, knackering up a cam-belt, a power steering unit, & a set of tyres due to the excessive mileage on the old bus - if anyone's got a nice reliable estate car they don't need - can we have it please!?







Express Clipping



Hope your all looking forward to the Sex Pistols UK show's as much as we are?  If you feel like a few more beers & some more of a 'Sex Pistols Experience'  after the Thursday 8th, & Friday 9th Brixton gigs, why not  turn left out of the Academy walk up the Brixton road & catch us on stage at midnight playing the Jamm club after show party, open to all with a late bar till 5am.!    http://www.brixtonjamm.org/
Then if your still around town on Saturday 9th but can't get tickets for the 3rd Brixton gig, you could always catch a bus or tube the 7miles or so to Kingston-upon-Thames where you can catch the 'Sex Pistols Experience' return at the Kingsmeadow Stadium, http://www.kingsmeadowlive.com 

Thanks to all who made the effort to come to the recent '100 Club' gig in London, we had people who flew in from as far afield as Austria, Italy, Sweden, France & Scotland, & many friends & fans drove long distances & had time off work etc, etc, just to be there. We can't thank you enough, it's very flattering & inspiring to know what efforts people go to to support us & the music of the Sex Pistols. A return to the 100 club is on for St Georges day Thursday 24th April 2008.  www.the100club.co.UK


1001 100 club







The documentary we took part in earlier this year is fanally due for release, titled 'Never mind the Sex Pistols' - here's the press release..

To celebrate thirty years since the release of their seminal album ‘Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols’, on November 5th, 2007 Demon VISION is releasing a brand new DVD documentary ‘Never Mind The Sex Pistols: An Alternative History’ chronicling the rise and fall of one of the most important bands to come out of the UK.

The film charts the rise of the band, from their early days at Malcolm’s shop ‘Sex’ to their first gigs, and subsequent record deals. The significance of the arrival of Sid Vicious is dealt with as well as the untimely demise of the band. Never Mind The Sex Pistols… also includes exclusive footage of Malcolm McLaren revealing for the first time that he never wanted to make the album in the first place!

   The electrifying story of The Sex Pistols is told through in-depth interviews with those few who were close to the band during their phenomenal yet short-lived success.
Note: This film does not contain any music by the Sex Pistols and scenes from the band’s career are re-created by the premier Pistols tribute band 'The Sex Pistols Experience'.
Featured interviewees:
Glen Matlock (original bass player in the band)
Malcolm McLaren (the manager)
Steve Diggle (lead guitarist from The Buzzcocks)
John ‘Boogie’ Tiberi (Tour Manager and member of the Glitterbest Management team)
Alan Jones (employee at Malcolm’s shop ‘Sex’)
Steve ‘Roadent’ Connolly (guitar roadie to both The Clash and The Sex Pistols, and a member of the Glitterbest Management team)
Alan Parker (Mr Punk)
George X (Punk on the scene)
Mick O’Shea (Noted punk writer, and author of ‘Only Anarchists Are Pretty’)
Product details:
Cat No: DEMONDVDM014, RRP: 7.99 GBP, Format: DVD PAL, Duration: 100 Minutes


pistols dvd


We we're just sat around Sex Pistols Exp' H.Q having a few beers watching the 'Kerrang!' channel  'Greatest ever Rock Albums', after sitting around for a couple of hour's going through all the classic rock bands from over the years we finally get to the top 3, Guns  & Roses in 3rd, Led Zep in 2nd, all arguing over who could be responsible for the number one rock album of all time... Then on come's 'Anarchy in the U.k' - The Sex Pistols, Never mind the Bollocks album voted into No1..!   & rightly so.
The Lumbreras Rock Festival in murcia Spain, with bands like Angelic Upstarts, The Anti Nowhere League, Abrasive Wheels, Last Resort, The Sex Pistols Experience and another 45 acts has been moved to Campo de Futbol de Yechar in Mula (Murcia). This is close to the previously announced festival site.
The organisation decided to find another site because the Puerto Lumbreras authorities wanted to cancel a couple of bands because of their strong lyrics (No name's mantioned.!!?). The promoters didn’t want to accept such a demand and decided that it was time to move the festival somewhere else.. ! & good on them.
Around 7,000 advance tickets have already been sold. So, it's expected to be a massive event next weekend (28th-30th Sept), & photos to follow..
 It's was fantastic to hear 'the' Sex pistols will play live again in November, all three proposed show's at Brixton Academy sold out in minutes, the Sex Pistols Experience will be there for the Thursday night & look forward to catching up with many hundreds of familiar face's again.  Our date at the London 100 Club on Saturday 27th October is now being touted as the 'official warm-up' for anyone with tickets, or as an alternative Pistols party for all those who missed out on getting tickets. We have some special guests coming along, some of whom may be  guesting with us on the stage(!?), we also have 'The Delinquents' supporting. The gig is over halfway sold out, and we know people are flying in from Europe, coming down from Scotland, and travelling far & wide to be there, so anyone else wishing to come - advance tickets are recommended, & at only £10 it's great value for money, so come along & celebrate the 'Bollocks 30th birthday' with us.  Door's open at 7.30pm, & will close when the last ticket is sold, so get in early, we have also arranged a late bar till half midnight. Get your ticket here.. http://www.wegottickets.com/event/19308
  On Saturday 10th November, the last night of the Sex Pistols Brixton concerts, as coincidence would have it, the 'Sex Pistols Experience' will be playing just down the road at nearby Kingston-on-Thames, so anyone who is in the neighbourhood & unable to get tickets to the Academy or the 100 Club - here's another option for you.!!? http://www.kingsmeadowlive.com/  we'll no doubt head out into London to catch-up with everyone afterwards.






The Documentary film we took part in filming during summer 'Never Mind the Sex pistols' is due for Dvd release on October 29th by Demon Music, it should be in all major store's, or on Amazon, play.com etc, it documents the history of the band with interviews with those who were there at the time, & the S.P.Ex acted the parts of the band. The Sid & Nancy story is also touched upon.


    Talking of Sid & Nancy - Casting has begun for 'Who Killed Nancy', a  drama documentary based on Alan parkers latest book 'Sid Vicious - No-one is innocent', filming begins in London, New York & Paris during  October & November, & due  for cinema release during 08.  Our very own Johnny Rotter is to play Rotten, & Kid's backing singer/merch' girl 'Nancy Pungent' is cast in the leading role.  There's also an EMI soundtrack from the film which we hope to be involved in producing.




More Live date's have been coming in pretty much on a daily basis lately, there usually something new to be found on the tour dates pages every week, so keep checking back, we're seeing our myspace site is getting lots of hits too these days - so we keep that upto date as often as possible.  Take a look if you haven't done so for a while :-   http://www.myspace.com/sexpistolsexperienceontour  recent additions of note are a return to the Robin2 in Wolverhampton after the triumphant double headder with 'The Jamm' recently, that'll be on 22/2/08, and we're looking into another Newcastle Academy gig for early 08, + loads more - so keep having a look, we'll start announcing next years show's in a month or two.  
 The band had a lot of fun throughout what little bit of summer we saw during august, the Holland Dickywoodstock festival was a blast, the trip over on the ferry is always alot of fun & we had a great time at the gig, we will be back over for more next year. There's a few photos in the gallery. We'll finish the summer off with a couple more festivals, firstly over in Belgium at 'Veusseleir Calling' with a whole assortment of other bands http://www.myspace.com/veusseleircalling, followed by the 'Lumbreras Rock festival' in Spain at the end of the month alongside none other than the 'Anti Nowhere League' & 'Abrasive Wheels' amongst many others, well worth looking into easyjet flights..!!
Steve Dior gave us a call the other day, the 'New' 2 C.D set Sid  album  'SID VICIOUS - SID LIVES!' (Jungle FREUDCD095) is now due to be released 15th October 2007, featuring 2 full show's of unreleased live material, the taped recordings were thought to be lost until his recent house move from L.A back to London unearthed them, & now remastered onto C.D for your listening pleasure.  Full review can be found on the 'God Save The Sex pistols' site.  The 'London Cowboys' 'best of' C.D, & live dates featuring founder members Steve Dior & Barry Johns, sex pistol Glen Matlock & our very own Paul Crook is also on hold now until next spring due to more rumors of some Pistols live dates.!!?



There's plenty going on through August, starting with a return to Holland
for the Dickywoodstock festival, The Sex Pistols Experience headline the
Friday night there before moving on to a 'secret show' elsewhere..(!??)
The proposed Austria/Germany dates 10th/11th & 12th August were put on hold
for later in the year, two venues suffering from noise cerfew & licensing
problems meant we had to delay the trip. Its also the Rebellion festival
weekend in Blackpool, every year we get inundated with people asking if were
playing, rumors fly about that we are, & that we aren't, but upto now we've
not been directly asked by the festival organisers, so even though this one
is the 30th punk anniversary year it looks like we shall be having that
weekend off - some of the band might go along to the festival anyway to
catch-up with some of the bands - see you there!? There's plenty of dates
coming up throughout the year, we're especially looking forward to finally
doing Bristol Fleace on 25th/8, if everyone who's emailed us from the city
turns up there'll be a queue down the street - & the Robin2 on the 18th/8
with the 'Jamm' will be a sellout, so get your tickets in.!!


We had a full colour photo in the latest 'Observer music magazine', &
write up report on the Glastonbudget festival appearance from back in May,
all the UK's top tributes were present for the fest', but dim-arse, Wanna-be
muso, & now roving reporter 'Paul Morley' totally missed the point of why we do what we do,
likening many of the bands to second class failed musician's who live a
fantasy in wigs & fancy dress, many 2nd class tribute bands are just that,but not us, or most of the bands in the line-up. He seemed to forget he was seeing some of the best in the u.k,& didn't even speak to us,
so he know's piss-all about who or what we're about. Anyway he was
responsible for 80's dribble 'Frankie goes to Hollywood' & those poxy
Relax' t-shirts, so its a good job he steered clear of us!


You might all want to start saving you pennies up as there's a few
interesting Pistols related releases on the way. September see's the
documentary the S.P.Ex took part in filming, a shortened version of 'Never
Mind the Sex Pistols' is coming first onto our screen's on BBC3, then in
October an extended version running to one & a half hour's is to be released
on Dvd, the 'Sex Pistols Experience' can be seen stepping in for the band to
recreate some of the key moments in the Sex Pistols short career.

Steve Dior's lost (& now found) Sid Vicious gig recordings from New York's
Max's show's are coming out on c.d finally in september, the first new &
unheard live Sid music is being released as a double C.D on 'Jungle' records
The band line-up was at the time also featuring ex 'New York Dolls' Jerry
Nolan on drums & Arthur 'killer' Kane on bass, who went on to join Steve in
The Idols', & Jerry Nolan again in the 'London Cowboys'. The C.D will
feature four set's over 2 nights at Max's.


'London Cowboys'
Speaking of the London Cowboys, the 'best of' album is due also in September
with a proposed reformation of the band for a short tour of the UK, Europe,
& probably over to L.A in early in 2008, with founder members Steve Dior &
Barry Jones, bass duties are being handled by none other than Glen Matlock,
& our very own 'Paul Crook' is taking over Jerry Nolans drum seat.! That
will make for a some exciting gigs worth catching live!
Barry Jones & Steve Dior - London Cowboys


To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of 'Never Mind The Bollocks' Virgin
Records are releasing a series of limited edition vinyl reissue replicas.
The Sex Pistols first four classic 7" singles (the only singles that really
matter) will be released one-a-week throughout October; followed by the
legendary 'Never Mind The Bollocks... Here's The Sex Pistols' LP. 'Anarchy
in the UK', 'God Save The Queen', 'Pretty Vacant' & 'Holidays In The Sun'
will be issued in heavy-weight paper sleeves featuring all the original
iconic artwork.
'Never Mind The Bollocks' will complete the series; issued - just as it was
originally released on October 28th 1977 - with the one-sided 'Submission' 7
single and 'NMTB' poster.

Release Dates:
Anarchy in the UK / I Wanna Be Me - October 1st
God Save The Queen / Did You No Wrong - October 8th
Pretty Vacant - October 15th
Holidays In The Sun / No Fun - October 22nd
(Our 'Bollocks birthday Party' at London's 100 Club - October 27th)
Never Mind The Bollocks - October 29th
(with Submission 7" & poster)
(Thanks to johnlydon.com)

Paul Cook's 'Man Raze' project band (with guitarist Phil Collen of DefLeopard, & Simon Laffy on bass) have now completed work on their debut album titled "Surreal", which is due out in September 2007. "Surreal" shows what an extraordinary combination Man Raze are - the raw energy of the Pistols mixed with the immaculate pop rock of Def Leppard, a unique clash of 70's simplicity with 80's excess, punk clubs with stadium rock! "Surreal" is analbum generated by the classic 3-piece rock combo, and proving thatregardless of reputation or past works, a great song is a great song.

July proved to be a successful month for the boys, with some mighty
memorable gigs, starting off in Bradford, then followed by a hot sweaty
night in Rotherham for our first appearance in the town, everyone seemed to
come out to see the band filling the venue to capacity making for a
roof-raising, rocking night for all! The SPEx are booked for a return to
Dickens bar in January 08'. Next up was our annual call to the west country
It's always good to get back down to Plymouth, the town has a healthy
history for the band, the Sex Pistols having played there two nights in a
row at the end of their 'Anarchy tour' in 76', & again on the s.p.o.t.s tour
in 77' (S.P.O.T.S = Sex Pistols On Tour Secretly) And the fan's are ever
present today at our show's, this time over in Tavistock at the Wharf,
thanks go out to Clash trib' 'London's Calling' for the support, & of course
to Shaun & Keira who provide an invaluable home-from-home (& fantastic egg
sandwiches!) for the band every visit - thanks guys.! Barrow-in-Furness
was another 'first visit' town for the band this month, in the plush
surroundings of the 'Nines' club, the worst ever gig in 1960-something for
Tom Jones...that's not unusual, but it was a corker for the Sex Pistols
Experience, from the minute the opening chords of 'Holidays' stuck up we we
re off & running, a few bloodied noses from a bit of over enthusiastic pogo
ing but all in good spirit, (vodka & jack Daniel's spirits probably!?) The
band are returning on December 22nd for the Christmas party with top Clash
trib 'Rebel Truce', that'll be one to not miss (advance tickets recommended)

To round the month off Nottingham Rock city got the SPEx treatment,
the band hung out backstage with the boys from the 'Black Rebel Motorcycle
club' who were playing upstairs, it was good to finally cross path's with
them, as we'd followed them around much of America on our last tour there,
just missing eachother by a day or two much of the way, (photos to come). We
received a warm welcome & enjoyed the Rock city gig, hope to be planning a
return there soon too - in the big room next time eh!!? Synth' industrial
rocker Gary Numan was playing a couple of days after the Sex Pistols
Experience, Cooky & Nancy (being closet Numan fans'!?) headed back to the
city to catch the show & wanted to thank the venue & Gary for putting them
on the guest list where they had a right rollicking night on the town with
the band after the show, ending up in Numans tour bus till 5am - almost
getting themselves bus-napped to their next date of a mini tour to Bristol.!
As you can hear by his earliest recordings ('The Plan' album) Numan was
hugely influenced by the Sex Pistols back in 76 after seeing the band play
at the Nashville room's, he then went onto become the u.KS biggest selling
artist in 79/80 with his own unique & influential sound & style, he's still
producing some great sounds today & puts on a fantastic live show.!
Guitarist Chris Mcormack, who we know from past encounters, is also a
massive pistols fan & good friend of Steve Jones, Paul Cook & Glen Matlock,
(he also played on Glens first solo album) & gave Paul & Nancy a night to
remember! Cheers go out to Gary Numan (& wife Gemma) & Chris - good luck
with the tour.!!

Nottingham Rock City

Nancy , Gary Numan, Paul Crook




A big thanks to 'Steve 'Nick' Clones' who came out to play for us once
again as Bones'y went of to Glastonbury, he brushed off the cobwebs & done a
stirling job for us at a handful of gigs over the last weekend.



The Golden Jubilee sail's into History..

Thanks to everyone who came along to our 'little parties' throughout
June - highlight for the month has to of been the 30th Anniversary Boat
party on the river Thames, before the trip was even underway we we're in a
panic, as the various parades & protests along the banks of the river that
day had made our driver & soundman's arrival with the van full of equipment
almost an hour late! Finally arriving just five minutes before we had to set
sail to collect our 250 Sex Pistols fan's who were waiting patiently on
Embankment Pier for the arrival of the 'Golden Jubilee', we just managed to
get soundcheck over with as we sailed the short distance toward the pier,
but we were already late getting underway. Once everyone was aboard the
party fell into full swing, beer's flowed as Steve Diggle kept everyone
entertained playing all the classic Buzzcock's tunes, a rare treat to
witness this solo spot from the Chainsaw guitar-hero - and a very warm
welcome he received. Sid/pistols Biographer Alan Parker, & former 100 club
manager Ron Watts were kept busy selling & signing their new books below
deck. It was good to catch-up with everyone, chatting to all our friends &
fans' who'd mostly not seen each-other since our last boat party in 2005.

100 punks

The 100 Punks

The 100 Punks exhibitors from Edinburgh travelled down especially to throw
copies of the exhibit artwork off London bridge as we passed by, all the
pictures strung together to for a giant 'V' to give us the two finger effect
with a picture of a beheaded Queen Elizabeth at the bottom, then finished
off with a Jolly Rodger flag - a treasonable offence still today to have
such images on the river Thames!

Aside from the artwork, the 100 Punks also produce some really great looking
T-Shirts styled on the Seditionaries look - but with a unique & original
twist, go buy some from here...LINK

Anticipation grew as the band prepared to go on, 30yrs earlier the Sex
Pistols did exactly as we were about to do, sailing the river through the
heart of the capital on a packed out boat playing 'God Save The Queen' &
Anarchy in the U.K.' as we drifted by the Houses of Parliment, it was total
mayhem & chaos down the front of stage, people almost getting trampled
underfoot, beers flying about -one pint landing in 'Steve Dior's' guitar amp
who was due to guest with Kid Vicious, but the beer rendering it useless,
the hot & sweaty crush at the front was unbelievable as 250 fan's tried to
catch a glimpse of the Sex Pistols Experience who were doing their best to
hold it all together, some tempers flared, the Captain & crew of the vessel
struggled to keep any sense of orderly conduct, stopping to throw one Punk
off at the Millenium Dome.


Buzzcock - Steve Diggle Johnny Rotter holing it together

Russian MTV, who were along for the trip, were
trying to figure out what the hell was going on - not knowing which way to
point their camera's as the band continued through it all regardless,
unaware that a Police escort had been requested - blue flashing lights
appeared behind us, river police swooped in on each of the four corner's of
the boat - escorting us back to Embankment an hour earlier than planned. As
the band rounded off the set with 'No Fun' the police came onboard & began
to get people off - a quick raffle was drawn, some lucky winner's picking up
some cool items on their way off the boat ...and that was that.. 30yrs on
and it all ended exactly as it should of, people scattering up Embankment
pier escaping from the clutches of the law, Kid Vicious, Johnny Rotter, Paul
Crook & Steve Bones rounded up a few friends & headed off up Charring Cross
road to a secret location for the after show party - a chance to reflect on
a long day & great party, we all had a good laugh about it till the sun came

If anyone has any photos of the day please send them to us 'HERE' or post
them in the forum.
There was intended to be a dvd release of the party - but not much was able
To be filmed - we are however hoping to add what we have got to another live
Show we have on film + some other bits & pieces for release in September.

There are a few souvenir programmes left if anyone wants them?
Just send £1.50 & we'll post one out to you + the free badge!!
All available on the Sex pistols Experience 'Store' page.!


All available on the Sex pistols Experience 'Store' page.!



The June edition of 'Distorted' magazine is out now to view for FREE on-line by clicking the link below. Check out an interview with SPEx Drummer Paul Crook... http://www.distortedmagazine.com/punk/issues/June2007/









Lookout for us appearing on BBC2  Saturday 1st June - the 'Culture Show' filmed & interviewed the Sex Pistols Experience for a feature about the band & tribute's in general, filming was done at the Glastonbudget Festival. We had a great time at the festival - lots of positive comments afterwards as we got swamped by the worlds press as we came off stage, lookout for articles in the 'Guardian', 'Making Music' mag', and some Internet site's - who's names escape us just now... There's also lots of new footage of us on the Glastonbudget stage that's appeared on 'youtube'. 'Moshing to the Sex Pistols Experience' is a good one!! 

  Many people also noticed us on BBC News last week - we apparently made two separate appearances in the same week! Firstly as part of the Glastonbudget festival story, & then a News item featured us playing from the Sid book launch party at London's 100 Club on Tuesday 22nd May - as that coincided with the 30th anniversary of the release of the 'God Save The Queen' single back in 77', including a breif interview with John lydon himself. 

You tube news feature link:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9GW7TiVWwg

Speaking of the 100 Club - we had a fantastic night out down there for the 'Sid Vicious - No-one is innocent'  book party launch - a BIG thanks to the big fella Alan Parker for firstly putting pen to paper once again to put the final nail in the coffin of the Sid & Nancy story. Secondly for including a mention to the 'Sex Pistols Experience' & all the band members within the page's of the book - a huge compliment to us  to be considered worthy to be mentioned forevermore within the pages of what has to be a 'must read' book for all Pistols /Sid fans. Go out & buy it now - 'Orion Books' -its out now!!   - And then thirdly for inviting us to play at such a prestigious event, the highlight of the night had to be having former 'Idols' & Sid Vicious guitarist from the Max's Kansas days in New York - 'Mr Steve Dior'  coming up on stage to play with  'Kid Vicious' & Paul Crook, to belt out 'Wanna Be Your Dog' & 'Born to lose' one more time - sounding just as it must of done back in the autumn of 1978.  A real Rock'n Roll moment.! 

We chatted all night long to Steve about his relations with Sid & Nancy, the New York Doll's - Jerry Nolan & Aurther ' Killer' Kane, as well as his theories on Nancy's murder, and best buddie of the day - Johnny Thunders. We'll be working with Steve Dior again in future - plan's are underway -but will reveal more at a later date.!!?  -Watch this space!!



26  24


The 30th anniversary 'God Save the Queen' Boat party is all sold out for this year, everyone with tickets please make sure you bring them with you on the day - no ticket - no boarding - no excuses!!  We are strictly limited to the numbers allowed on board, please also arrive on time, 6.30 embankment pier, right opposite Embankment tube station, the same pier the Sex pistols went from in June 77, and also used in the film 'Sid & Nancy'. We begin boarding all passengers from there at 6.45, leaving at 7pm prompt. We set sail up & down the Thames river, enjoying the city sights as we go, to the sounds of Vic Garbage's 76-79 punk disco.

We're very proud to have guitar hero of the Buzzcocks - MrSteve Diggle supporting us doing a rare solo spot, before the SPEx hit the stage - getting through as many songs as possible before the police will no doubt storm aboard & pull the plug!!? We have one or two guests coming along - you'll have to wait & see!?  Also, on the lower deck you find Mr Alan parker who will be on hand to answer all your Sid questions, & signing copies of the new book 'Sid Vicious - No one is innocent'.  Ron Watts should be knocking about too signing his book, stories of the world famous '100 Club' from his time's as manager there - with '100 Watts - A life in Music' - a highly recommended read.   Don't foget to spare your loose change for Nancy's raffle too - we have a few cool prizes on offer for lucky winners - nothing major - just a bit of fun.! 

We'll Finnish up the evening at midnight before heading off into the city to get completely wasted again no doubt!! Thanks to all who've supported the band & bought tickets for this event, we'll do our best to make sure we all have a great, trouble free, night of nostalgia!

1 2 3



May 22nd is a big day for Sex Pistols fan's - your going to be digging into your pockets soon to buy what has been pretty much the lifetime's work for Pistols/Sid biographer Alan Parker, who, due to the untimely death of Sid's mother Ann Beverley in 1996, is now  free from the restraints of loyalty to her to be able finally to release the real undisclosed details of Sid's life & death, taken from many months of intensive research & interviews from all who were there at the time, leaving no stone unturned to discover the real truth about the Sid & Nancy story. The book will be a must for all Sid/Pistols fan's the world over, & promises to be the final last nail in the coffin to the 28yr saga. 'Sid Vicious - No one is innocent' is released by Orion books, & we're proud to have been asked to take part & play at the Invite only launch party at a secret location in London - but we'll have a full report & photos available right here after the event.!



     'Sid Vicious - No one is innocent' released by 'Orion' books May 22nd -(film version to follow??)

   We're also looking forward to a long awaited return to Doncaster & Cleethorpes this coming weekend (May 12th & 13th) - both gig's are expected to be very busy, if not sold-out, - we'd advise arriving early to people travelling to either night, or getting advance tickets from the venues to avoid being left out in the cold!!.
 Highlights of April were two-fold really, firstly it was a lot of fun to be involved in the filming of the documentary Dvd -'Vive Le Rock' - we spent a few day's in London getting pissed.. erm... I mean... working hard filming at various locations around the city, in the streets of Soho, along 'Pindock Mews' (Sid's last UK address), and down various back streets, before heading over to the sound-stage for some studio mock-up's of the last few days of the 78 USA tour, & Sid's increasing heroin intake, it was all very interesting & made for some great footage, let's hope Malcolm doesn't waffle on too much for his interview and see it all on the cutting room floor again!!


Nancy & Sid (Kid) decide to go to America. 


On the sound-stage, re-doing Winterland - (with a 96 drum kit!?)


 Get your hand off my arse..!?  

 Second highlight of April for us had to be playing the Extremusika fest' in Spain, a long way to travel, but what a great party we had, the festival is now one of the biggest in the country, attracting in excess of 20,000 people over 3 day's of hot sun & live bands, The Sex Pistols Experience hit the stage in pole position on the Friday evening in front of an estimated 8 to 10,000 people - our biggest audience to date, & was a tremendous buzz, no festival would be complete without a fair bit of mud & beer slinging - & we got our fair share, but left the crowd heaving, sweating, and calling us back out for more, we duly obliged, with rousing renditions of 'God Save The Queen' & 'Anarchy', before retreating to the V.I.P Beer tent to catch the 'Toy Dolls' in action before they tour the UK in September.  We have some exciting developments in the pipeline for tour's & date's for later on this year, which may see us doing more show's in Europe, and also travelling to the opposite side of our planet - but more about that once/if we have some confirmations in..

7 8

 Johnny Rotter waits for the sun to go down,         Then waits for the lights to dim,


Then its show time!!

There's a nice interview with Ed Tudor pole in this months edition of the Scottish publication 'Heaven or Las Vegas' click here to read all about what he's been upto lately.... http://www.heavenorlasvegas.co.uk/edtudorpole.htm 




 Advance Tickets are also on sale NOW for our show's with Ed Tudor Pole in Deal, Kent April 7th, Glasgow Cathouse may 31st, & Edinburgh Subway June 1st, York June 2nd , all are £8.00 adv/£10 on door, we highly recommend getting your tickets in advance for these gigs, further details on the tour dates page.


Distorted magazine      




A 'happy new year' to all our friends & pistols fan's across the globe!

2006 proved to be the most amazing year for the Sex pistols Experience, the band starting the year out by throwing in their day-job's & playing Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa Oklahoma, site of the Sex pistols last gig before the infamous Winterland implosion, that gig led-on to a further 3 & a half months of solid dates all across the USA, playing all the major states & cities, & where we had the most amazing time & met up with some fantastic people, most notably of course getting the nod of approval, & chance to play live with none other then sex pistol guitarist 'Steve Jones' in Los Angeles, & later back in England with bassist Glen Matlock  at the pistols convention.  Throughout the year U.K gigs just seemed to get better & better, as more & more people got to hear about the Sex Pistols Experience. Playing London 100 Club 3 or 4 time's was a bit special, to play where it all started off & supporting the Damned with Rat Scabies & Brian James was a result of a lot of hard work. It's taken us a long time to gain the respect of pistols fan's & fellow 'punk bands' on the live circuit where we seemed to of found our home, more so, thankfully, than on the 'tribute band' circuit of venue's - who still, after all these years, seem to run to the hill's at the mere mention of the name The Sex Pistols! It's funny really...worried about having their venues wrecked, fights & trouble starting etc, it couldn't be further from the truth! As all the punks of today have grown-up & seem to be the nicest & most genuine people you could ever wish to meet!  They can keep their Tina Turners, Elton Johns, Bon Jovi's....were having a great time filling out gigs everywhere else. They obviously don't have the ball's to give the crowds what they want!? ..or do they!? 


Same can be said for Europe, where we'd received countless emails & invites to come over & play some show's, we touched on France, Spain, Austria, Holland, Belgium & Germany, all of it way beyond what we'd thought possible as the band started its first rehearsals in the freezing mid-winter weather in a farmyard barn in the north of England.!  We'll be back for some festivals & show's in Europe over the coming months.

An interesting feature on the Caerphilly gig 30yr anniversary...