After year's of touring the u.k, europe, and further afield endlessly,
the band are currently enjoying a well deserved break so not accepting gig offers at the moment.



Worldwide tour enquires T.V & film work, & any questions for the band directly +should be sent here 
(your booking enquiry may be sent onwards to one of our worldwide representatives) :-

             By email:-  
By Phone :- 0777 0777 251 (u.k Mobile)

For u.k live concert bookings contact Darren @ Crucial Talent 

For Germany, Holland , Belgium please contact our man over there..


"Thanks" - & look forward to a busy event.!


We will send out as many full color A2 posters as you require, please be sure to place each one in areas of maximum footfall & high visibility to make the best use of them, perhaps also take one around to local music stores, c.d stores, kebab shops etc, the more people that see them - the more people you will have in your venue!  Please email us your postal address (with postcode) with the number of posters you will use & we'll send them no later than two months in advance of your date.   You can also print some of your own - perhaps in a smaller size than our A2's to use around local shops etc in PDF format below..


For Back-line requirements & stage set-up information please select one
of the following







A 'Live Promo D.V.D'is available on request to agents and venues, e-mail us and we'll send one as required.