"Who Killed Nancy?" The Movie Premier & Preview.....   



'Who killed Nancy?' movie up-date.

As some of you may already know over the last 3yrs or so we've been on-hand to help out with Alan Parkers film 'Who killed Nancy?' which aims to present the some real facts & circumstances surrounding Nancy's murder in room 100 of the Chelsea hotel  New York, 12th October 1978. As told through interviews with many of the leading key players that surrounded Sid &Nancy's life that time. Its been a momentous up-hill battle at times, firstly to find the financing, then to find a crew prepared to work all hours chasing around the various interviewees, & then to edit the hours & hours of filmed footage, all for a promise made by Alan to Anne Beverley (Sid's Mother) that one day the World will know the truth - was Sid Vicious innocent??

With all interviews done & filming completed by the end of September 08 - including recreating the scene in room 100 with Kid Vicious & Nancy Pungent of the Sex Pistols Experience playing the leading roles, & drummer Paul Crook acting as the 'mystery murderer', the initial aim of getting the film out was always intended to be to released on, or as close as, the 30th anniversary of Nancy's murder. With the best will in the world, & despite the best planning possible at the time of production to meet the deadline - the film kind of took on a life of its own during the making, with more people coming out of the woodwork who were crucial to the unfolding story & needed to be interviewed, adding more time to 'the making of', for example an unplanned trip to San Francisco to meet up with Helin Killer, into Europe to catch-up with a long lost Neon Leon, & other such necessities, plus then the huge task of having to edit down hours & hours of interview footage to fit in to the time restraints of a movie, all added to the time dragging beyond mid October. 

 However, following a press release on November 7th (2008), it was officially announced that the the film 'Who killed Nancy?' will begin with an 'open to the public viewing' at 5pm (£5.00 entry) followed by a Press & V.I.P invite only showing of the film  at the Notre Dame Hall, Picadilly Circus, London, on 2nd February - 30yrs to the day of Sids untimely death, & the scene of Sid's first ever gig with the Sex Pistols back in early 1977 - Followed by an after show party with a live appearance from the 'Sex pistols Experience' band & some special friends!? ;-) 








We had a really nice review in the Banbury Guardian recently thanks to roving reporter Steve Miller who caught The Sex Pistols Experience supported by our good friend Ed Tudor Pole at the Mill (5th September 08).   

Check out the review HERE


Johnny Jnr with Johnny Snr, London - 2nd September 2008



update: - Its been a long time coming, with several near misses in the past, but finally at the Hammersmith Apollo aftershow party Sex pistols Experience frontman 'Mr Rotter' finally became aquainted with 'Mr Rotten'!. Johnny (Rotten) Lydon has long been aware of our little band, & Lydon seemingly gave us the seal of approval for all our years of dedication to the cause, after much jovial beer drinking & mutual respect shown all around, a few photos of 'Father & Son' were snapped & it was time to leave, johnny Senior parting with the words - "Well, good fuckin' luck with it!" - phew.!

In between all our regular U.K dates over the coming weeks, plans are also being drawn up for the Sex Pistols Experience to go back over to Ireland for 3 or 4 dates in October, back up to Scotland in November, & mini tour of Northern Italy also in November, all the dates will be on the tour date pages & the Myspace site once confirmed over the next few days.

The band had a fantastic time over in Brazil through the first two weeks of August, touring the length & breadth of the country visiting many beautiful places & meeting many new friends & fans. On the first night in Sao Paulo the band we're interviewed on the prime-time national news channel & that created huge interest in "the Pistols long awaited 'return' to Brazil" followed by Kid & Johnny farting & belching whilst being interviewed on local radio in Porto Alegre, which then created a media scrum that followed us around on the 9 date the tour - much to our amusment! Whilst in Rio de Janeiro we got a text-message through from Ronnie Biggs' son 'Mikey' to wish us luck with the gig there that night - we duly retuned the nod, & performed a one-off, once only version of 'No-one is innocent' - a song we'd not performed for about 5yrs, but where better to dust that one off than in Rio we thought!? Crooky, Bones & Kid Vicious shared the vocal & the crowd lapped it up & went nuts, singling along & raising the roof for Ronnie once more.

After travelling a few thousand miles around South America we rounded off a successful tour back where we'd started, with a big party in Sao Paulo once again, playing alongside one of the only two surviving members of the Ramones, C.J Ramone & his band 'Bad Chopper' - announcing over the mic' that he thought we were "Amazing!" - the feeling was certainly mutual as we drunkenly sang along to classic Ramones songs from the side of stage. The long flight home soon passed, & we then headded over to Czech Republic & Slovakia for the second time this year, firstly playing in Prague to a half-full venue, we'd listed the venue as the 'Bunker', only to find out there's TWO venues called 'The Bunker' in Prague & we'd listed up the wrong one.!! So we made the most of it anyway & played our hearts out to those who'd realized our mistake & found us, but we heard later that there'd been some 200+ people gathering at the opposite end of town outside the other Bunker club!! So we're planning on returning in Febuary 09 to 'the Bunker' - this one..: www.bunkr-club.cz.

The next day we performed in Slovakia at the Red Devils Motor fest' along with 'Hotter Than Hell' - the European 'Kiss' tribute who left the stage covered in fake blood & spent pyrotechnics. A whole load of strippers & pole dancers filled the change-over time & we headlined the event, taking full advantage of a free V.I.P bar until the early hours.! Trutnov festival right back up North near the Polish border followed on August Bank Holiday Sunday for us, billed at the Czech equivalent of 'Woodstock' with dozens of top Czech bands parforming over two massive stages. The sell-out crowd totalled 20,000 people & we went on 2nd from top on the main stage at 10.30pm playing to our biggest ever crowd to date (previously held by the 12,000+ at Extreme music fest' in Spain 2007) a fantastic experience for us & we really had to work hard to turn everyone of the 20 thousand people into Pistols fans by the end of the hour set - mission accomplished we think - video evidence can be seen on youtube, here's just one clip


South American tour July/August 08:-



30yrs & 6 months since the Sex Pistols split in San Francisco & headed off in different directions, Sid into heroin oblivion, Johnny off to Jamaica, & Cook 'n' Jones to Rio for some fun in the sun with the most notorious of the 'Great Train Robbers' Ronnie Biggs,which as we all know resulted in the top selling single 'No-one is Innocent - A punk Prayer', perhaps better known for its B Side - Sid Vicious's version of My Way.  Over the years we've had so many emails from fans asking for us to come over, which was always on our agenda & we've long been looking forward to going to Brazil (& Rio especially!) for a long time. So with the current 'credit crunch' hitting the u.k - we figured now was the right time to draw up some plans. And so our first tour of South America is almost all set, here's what we have lined up for so far, Brazil with a quick visit to Santiago (Chile) at the end:-


"On The Run Tour" :-
Summer 2008


Wed 30 JUL @ CB Bar - www.cbbar.com.br - Sao Paulo - Brazil
Fri 01 AUG    @ Tribos Bar - Maringa - Brazil
Sat 02 AUG  @ Novo 92 Graus - www.92graus.com - Curitiba - Brazil
Sun 03 AUG @ New Music House - Sapucaia do Sul - Brazil
Mon 04 AUG @ Bar Opiniao - www.opiniao.com.br - Porto Alegre - Brazil
Thu 07 AUG  @ Cine Lapa - http://matrizonline.oi.com.br/cinelapa - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Fri 08 AUG   @ Kazebre Rock Bar (w/Bad Chopper) - www.okazebre.com - São Paulo - Brazil
Sat 09 AUG  @ TBA - to be confirmed in the next days.
Sun 10 AUG  - Fly day to London
Fri 15 AUG   @ Concord2 Brighton UK http://www.concorde2.co.uk/ 
Sat 16 AUG  @ Farmer Phils Festival Shrewsbury UK http://www.farmerphilsfestival.co.uk/
Sun 17 AUG @ Sk!Zone Castleford UKhttp
Fri 22 AUG   @ The Bunker Prague Czech Republic www.parukarka.CZ
Sat 23 AUG  @ MotoFest Malacky Slovakia
Sun 24 AUG @Trutnov Festival Czech Republic http://www.festivaltrutnov.cz/
Fri 29 AUG   @ Baileys Live Grimsby UK http://www.myspace.com/baileysbargrimsby
Sat 30 AUG  @ Robin2 Wolverhampton UK
Tue 02 SEPT @ Sex Pistols aftershow party London UK (Details to confirm)

+ more England, Scotland, & European dates are being added evey day.. keep checking to see if we're coming to you..!!!
 But before we go there's still a handful of U.K gigs happening in July:-
 Plymouth Hub gig on July 11th with support from The Bus Station Loonies - (they are nuts!)
 Stourbridge (Nr Birmingham) Rock Cafe 2000 on Saturay 19th July
 Barnsley Sturdy Lads on Friday 25th July
 & The Cottage of Content, Chasetown, Burntwood, Staff's on Sat 26th July



'Who killed Nancy?'   


    Filming happens this week (7th -14th August) for fill-in scenes in the new Sid & Nancy movie 'Who Killed Nancy?'. Re-enacting the events leading up to the murder at New York's Chelsea Hotel in an attempt to establish some unknown facts surrounding the case that will aim enlighten the viewer, & perhaps point the finger elsewhere other than at Sid.  Fill-in scenes will be shot on location in a London hotel with 'Kid Vicious' & 'Nancy Pungent' filling in as the ill fated couple. Mostly made up of interviews from people who were there around on the scene at the time, the film is due for release on the 30th anniversary of Nancy's death - October 12th, & Dvd release on the 30th anniversary of Sid's untimely death - Feb' 2nd 09.




June 11th - off to se the Sex pistols tonight, Birmingham Academy - The Sex Pistols Experience will be holding an interview at drive-time on BBC Birmingham radio - then heading off to the pub & gig - see you there..!!
June 7th saw the 31st anniversary annual 'God Save The Queen' Boat Party along the river Thames, we all had a great time as usual, keeping half an eye on the Port Authorities tailing us up river with their noise monitors, we ran two trips this year, one day time private party for invited guests only, & a public gig on the evening, but we still managed (for the first time) to get through the set on both boat parties without being boarded by the police & stopped.! The earlier afternoon trip saw us rubbing shoulders with Mick Jones & Paul Simonan of 'The Clash' amongst others, & in the evening we had our old mate (ex Pistols & Clash roadie) Rodent, & Steve Diggle of the Buzzcocks (also amongst others) along again. We keep saying every year "its gonna be the last one", but even the captain of the Queen Elizabeth' had such a good time evading the authorities, playing cat & mouse to the sounds of Anarchy, that he felt inclined to send us a text message next day saying:-  
"I  thoroughly enjoyed myself last night,maybe I've lightened up! C U next year!?"
-   so there-in lies an invitation for June 09.!  - We'll see...??  Anyway, won't bore all of you who missed out this year with the details, but leave it instead to the words of roving Sex-pistols.net/ reporter 'Ray Morrissey'...
"Here we are again with 100 hard-core Sex Pistols fans and Buzzcock Steve Diggle to celebrate the 31st anniversary of the Pistols boat party gig on the same boat the Pistols used in 1976. A lovely evening cruising up and down the River Thames. Earlier that day SPE played a wedding reception gig on this boat and they were surprised that guests included Clash members Mick Jones and Paul Simonon, and artist Tracey Emin.Tonight the SPE play a superb 70 mins set with all those Pistols classics "Pretty Vacant","Liar", "Problems", "EMI", "Bodies", "God Save The Queen", "Anarchy In The UK" etc. Loads of dancing around front of stage and people falling into the equipment, but its all such great fun.The atmosphere on board was party -party, and its was such a unique event. Even I won a rare Steve Jones poster in the raffle.! Check www.sexpistolsexperience.co.uk for future gigs by the World's number1 Pistols tribute." http://www.raysgigs.com/raynews.php 


'Rotter & Crook' taking in the views before it all kicks off..


' Bones, Jones, & Crook ' -
Catching up with Mick Jones (The Clash) on the Boat Party


We did our utmost to make Sid Vicious Proud on Tuesday 3rd June at the 'Proud Galleries' Sid Vicious exhibition opening night, all the worlds music press, & many 'faces' from the past we're on hand to make the evening a really good event & fitting tribute to Sid.. Terrific warm-up sets by rockers 'Rebel Yell' & The Vivians' got the crowd into the party mood prior to the Sex pistols Experience taking the stage & doing the business. D.J Don Letts followed as people milled about admiring all the great portraits & live photos of Sid on display, many never seen before. The Gallery is open every day, & runs until August 10th -

get there if you can.




(6-8pm Press, 8pm-12am public).


Paul Crook, D.J guru Don letts, Kid Vicious, & Johnny Rotter.


Unseen Sid pic'!?



Further new stocks of the new Tour T-Shirts have just arrived in, so all the back orders & people  waiting will have them dispatched before the band fly out to Slovenia this weekend  (30th -31st May - Crookies 40th!) all size's are in, including 'Ladies', Medium, Large, & Ex-Lge are available.  However there's one country missed off the back-print that we didn't anticipate happening in 2008, & that's 'Brazil'!  Plans are underway for the Sex Pistols Experience first tour of South America, which has long been an ambition for the band, we get countless emails from fans starved of the Pistols music in Brazil especially, probably due to the fact that Steve Jones & Paul Cook teamed-up with former Great Train Robber  'Ronnie Biggs' which produced the top selling  'No-one is Innocent' / 'My Way' single, which became a strangely popular part of Sex Pistols history after the band split in Jan/Feb 1978, & so we figured it was high time to re-tread the Pistols path down there & have bloody good old party in Rio, & give the fans what they want - The Sex Pistols 1977 style.!  

Gig's are being booked in venues throughout South America now, dates will begin on 30th July,  through to the 13th August.

A celebratory feel is also in the air as 'Kid Vicious' announced plans to do the honorable thing, & marry his long suffering other half 'Me-Jen' on June 8th up in Gretna Green -ahhhh... So his absence will be felt at Banbury on the 6th June, on the boat party - 7th June, Butlins Minehead 8th June, & York Junction on June 21st, where we'll be dragging our old mate 'Glen Padlock' out to step-in on bass duties. We wish them all the very best for a long & happy future.!!
We had one of the best weekends of our long history last week (23rd -25th May) with a corking night up in Newcastle (as always) Ed Tenpole was on good form whipping the crowd-up with his fine banter & sing-along song's, good preparation for an hour or so of the Sex Pistols Experience that followed -& a real Geordie welcome was felt.  We were somewhat taken aback to so see a bright red Mohican'd full on punk nutter going ape down the front most of the night - till we realised  it was only 'Wattie', from one of our favorite bands of all time ' The Exploited'.! Who did us the honor of coming to see us in the academy, a real buzz to see him having such a great time & to catch-up afterwards, - so quote of the night goes to him " The Best fucking night out I've had in years - Brilliant!!" -Wattie.



The next Day was the Glastonbudget festival - which now into its 4th year just continues to grow & develop & get better & better. Its now the biggest festival of its kind in Europe, dedicated to producing & promoting the best, cream-of-the-crop, of u.k tribute bands, not the 'jeans & t-shirt brigade' of similar events hoping to hop on the bandwagon, so we felt very pleased with ourselves to be a part of it. We had the festival appearance filmed & hope to make it available in the near future. We were also staggered at how good some of the bands were that we saw, -almost as good as us.!! Especially the Prodigy lads - 'Jilted Generation' - who were on top form, as were 'Guns2Roses' & the 'Bon Jovi Experience' performing shortly after us. 'Crowded out' who'd borrowed our drummer Paul Crook(!) were doing fine renditions of Crowded house on Sunday morning - then it was time to fly off down the M5 to get to Plymouth, where the V.W festival had been waiting for us all weekend & gave us a tremendous reception as we walked on stage, followed by an all night party to round off a fantastic weekend.! A bank Holiday to remember.!






times review

times review close up






We just wanted to say a big thanks to all those who supported us at the gigs recently, people travelling far & wide to catch the band live, especially Elin (otherwise known as 'Ariel Fun') coming to the 100 Club all the way from Sweden - always good to see you Ariel. The band have had some of their most packed out & exciting shows lately, Butlins in Skegness (of all places!?) turned out to be a good'ol knees-up, we figured that many of the 6000+ people who were there would be getting somewhat bored with the otherwise dull & ear friendly caberet going on elsewhere, so we cranked up the amps & gave it our all giving a good 2hrs of belting Pistols tunes to a wild Butlins crowd on a Saturday night.!

  Next morning (Sunday 27th April) whilst browsing through the Sunday Newspapers nursing some pretty good hangovers - we noticed that the 'Sunday Times' Style magazine supplement had mentioned the 'Sex Pistols Experience' into the top 5 of the TOP 50 hottest things to see & do this summer 2008.!  "Go see the Sex Pistols Experience at the Proud Galleries Sid Vicious Exhibition on june 3rd"  - We came in right behind the re-formed 'Led Zepplin', & right before the 'Massive Attack summer fest', so that was pretty cool.! - too bad we felt too ill to care less.

   Northen Ireland in early May made us feel very welcome again, its been some 6yrs or so since the band last visited (apart from a flying visit to Belfast 3yrs ago) & we had a great time, & made many new friends, we thought Omagh would be somewhat dodgy - but we had a fantastic night to a very enthusiastic crowd with many young faces really getting into the spirit of it, we will be back in October, & we all decided Ireland would be on the itinerary a good bit more in the future.! We had a coincidental collision with our old mates the 'Anti Nowhere League', who fresh from their u.s.a tour crossed path's with us & shared a few Guiness's one afternoon whilst in Ireland - good to see them out & about raising the roof - long live the League.!!

   It was also great to come back to Hull up in East Yorkshire last month, a long overdue visit brought out all the Hull Punks, and plenty of familliar old faces in the crowd, the SPEx started off in 2001 playing many of the bar's & clubs in the Hull area before getting swept away elsewhere, a return in November is very likely.

  As many of you have already noticed - The God Save The Queen 31st anniversary Boat Pary is on once again, after last years chaotic scenes we thought that was it - no more, but after having given our written promise that no dick-heads would be getting on this year we were able to pursuade the owner's of the original boat hired by Malcolm in 1977 - 'The Queen Elizebeth', to do one more outing for us. So tickets are availble now in the store, there's only about 60 left so best act quick if you want to come along on june 7th.













The up-coming London 100 club gig on April 24th is being promoted in association with the www.punk77.co.UK website. 'Mr Paul Marco' who run's the site has produced a fascinating book on the 'other' pivotal punk club of the 1977 period - The Roxy, London WC2. A club central to the rise and spread of Punk Rock in 1977. A club that featured an array of major and minor punk acts of the time as well as key faces on the scene.   This is Punk Rock at the Roxy Club with struggling bands, bad drugs and sometimes even badder music. This is home made fashion, self mutilation, fast sex and random violence. This is magical nights of being young and having fun against a backdrop of a subterranean London club, gangsters and Punk.  Featuring candid interviews with bands, club owners and club goers, and using unseen photos and flyers, this is the truth behind the Punk Rock legend that was the Roxy Club, you'll be able to buy your very own copy & have it signed personally by the author on April 24th at our gig at the 100 Club.. Or you can get it here;-  http://www.roxyclub77.co.UK/

If you've not got your tickets for the 100 club gig yet - then get em - here... http://www.wegottickets.com/event/23529







Tickets for the up-coming Newcastle Academy gig on Friday May 23rd are now available, the venue was only 8 people short of a sell-out last time, & the Acadamy informed us that they've have had an early rush on them so your well advised to get them in advance from this LINK








Fantastic to see the Sex pistols are going to be an active band once again during 2008 - performing at some of the best festivals in Europe, we too have accepted offers from six festivals (upto now) for this coming summer, some in the UK, some in Europe, many more are under negotiation now & will be announced as soon as they become confirmed.. We're hoping to be making some appearances back on the Scooter Rally scene too this year, so any festival organiser's out there wishing to get the SPEx on - get your dates over to us now before you lose out...
We had a great time over in Eastern Europe in the middle of February, our first time over to that part of the world where we completed a mini tour of the Czech Republic & Slovakia, confident we made a solid impression & made some new friends. All the gigs were an absolute blast, the countries evidently starved of the Sex pistols live experience in the past certainly caught up big time upon our arrival. It was also good to catch-up with those other 77'punk heroes - 'The Vibrators' who got the crowd nicely warmed up for us in Kadan (CZ) on Saturday night, the band found themselves in a similar position over 30yrs ago warming up for 'the' Sex pistols at the 100 club in 1977.!  - plans are being drawn up right now for our return to the Czech Republic & Slovakia at four separate festival appearances in July , & we'll also be heading back over possibly in May 08'. Interesting to see that the 'real' Pistols have followed our lead & planned a couple of festivals in that part of the world too - they're in-for a great reception.! More dates will be announce on the gigs pages as we get them confirmed.






cz4 cz5




We're very happy to be performing at this years 'Glastonbudget' Festival though, to be held on the weekend of  May 23rd - 25th, some 'early bird' tickets are still available until the end of the month - get them in quick if you can make it for a festival, which is now the biggest of its type in Europe, if not the World!? Some of the premier, cream-of-the-crop top tribute bands can be seen alongside of us over the 3 day festival, including :-  The Dead Hot Chilli peppers, Bon-Jovi Experience, Oasish, Jilted Generation (prodigy), Guns2Roses, The Jamm, Mercury (Queen) & many more still to be announced. Plus there's FREE camping all weekend. After playing a much anticipated return to the Newcastle Carling academy on Friday May 23rd, The Sex Pistols Experience will be on the main stage of Glastonbudget on Saturday night (24th), get your tickets & more info here:-   http://www.Glastonbudget.co.UK   there's a great special guest appearance on the Sunday night, but we'll miss it as we head-off down to Plymouth for the Volkswagen festival on Sunday 25th..   






We took delivery of the new t-shirts, featuring the 'God save the Queen' image, with a back print based on the Back of the Bollocks album featuring some of the countries we've visited recently, or are about to. Available in small, medium,  large, & ex-large. Availabel at gigs or on the store page now.






Our good friend 'Ed Tudor-Pole', who was expected to replace Rotten to front the Sex Pistols in the summer of 1978, managing only 3 or 4 rehearsals before Sid took off to New York, & then went on to form early 80's chart topping band 'Tenpole Tudor', has a new digitally re-mastered 'best of' double c.d out in the shop's now.  According to the c.d cover note's:-  
" Tenpole Tudor emerged in the post-punk era, but the good-humored, drunken-party feel of their records had more in common with the U.K. Pub-rock sound that predated punk. This collection puts their first two albums for Stiff Records together in one place, as the band combines a raffish punk sensibility with rockabilly roots and a tart tongue planted firmly in their collective cheek.!"

It's good to hear both of these classic re-mastered albums on one c.d, & we highly recommend it. It'll also give you a better understanding of what the hell Ed's singing next time you see him supporting us somewhere.!  Available in all good c.d stores now..


Track listing
1. Swords Of A Thousand Men                                                        
2. Go Wilder
3. I Wish
4. Header Now
5. There Are Boys
6. Underbar
7. 3 Bells In A Row
8. Tell Me More
9. Judy Annual
10. I Can't Sleep
11. Anticipation
12. What Else Can I Do
13. Confessions
14. 3 Bells In A Row (original single version)
15. Fashion (live)
16. Rock And Roll Music (live)
17. Love And Food
18. Wunderbar (hit single version)
19. Tenpole 45
20. There Are Boys (Son Of Stiff version)
21. Wunderbar (live)
22. Real Fun (live)
23. Go Wilder (live)
1. Let The Four Winds Blow
2. Throwing My Baby Out With The Bath Water
3. Trumpeters
4. It's Easy To See
5. What You Doing In Bombay
6. Local Animal
7. Her Fruit Is Forbidden
8. Tonight Is The Night
9. Unpaid Debt
10. King Of Siam
11. Conga Tribe
12. Sea Of Thunder
13. Tied Up With Lou Cool - Tudors
14. Cry Baby Cry - Tudors
15. Hayrick Song
16. Take You To The Dance
17. Hayrick Song


We discovered a new website dedicated to the memory of Nancy Spungen, although many people who met her had nothing but hatred for the girl, we think its important to at least get your facts right before judging & forming opinions, after-all she was only 20yrs old & had hardly lived, but had had to grow up quickly. A read of her mothers book 'And I don't want to live this life' is an essential & gripping read if your even the slightest bit interested in Sid's other half.  Here's the site link:-
nancy banner


A very Happy 2008 to all our many friends & fans across the U.K, U.S.A , Europe  & beyond, thanks for your continuing support & hope to catch up with you all once again during 2008, which is already shaping up to be another great year for pistols fans, with more festival dates announced around the u.k & Europe by both the Sex pistols & the Sex pistols Experience, we will continue to tour around our regular circuit of venues, & many more new one's are catching on to to us too, we will also be visiting some so far unplayed countries this coming year, & so we look forward to entertaining many more old & new faces over the coming months. Keep checking the Tour dates pages to see if we're coming to a town by you, & if we're not - then all you have to do is let us know the venues we're missing out on & we'll do what we can to plan it in.  "Cheers to you all..!"